Cheese-Steak Bahn Mi

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Hi y’all from the Hungry Southern Belle house!  So this recipe is one that came from digging around in the fridge and throwing some things together and stumbling upon something delicious!  Riche and I are huge fans of Vietnamese food. In fact, I think a fabulous future post is for Riche to do a review of one of our favorite Vietnamese restaurants, Lee’s Bakery on Buford Highway, but for now, back to my original post.





We had grilled steaks recently but had leftovers.  Not wanting to waste some beautiful rib-eyes, I decided to create our own version of a philly cheese-steak.  We had just purchased some beautiful bahn mi bread loafs at Lee’s.  So I started by slicing the leftover rib-eyes into thinly sliced pieces.  Next I took approximately 8 ounces of fresh shitake mushrooms and sliced thinly.  I also added one thinly sliced green bell pepper, one thinly sliced serrano pepper and two sliced green onions.  I sauteed all of the vegetables until just crisp and threw the sliced steak into the pan just to warm the meat and combine all of the flavors.




I sliced the bahn mi bread until cut almost all the way through and placed a generous helping of the sauteed meat and vegetable mixture.  Now came another yummy twist!  Since I didn’t have any melted cheese, I placed some goat cheese brie on top of the hot vegetables and steak.  The combination was heavenly!  The creaminess of the brie mixed brilliantly with the heat from the serrano pepper and balanced both the flavors and textures of the other vegetables perfectly!



The beauty of a “recipe” like this is that you can make it your own based on what you might already have in your fridge.  This is definitely worth adding to the Hungry Southern Belle Hall of Fame!  Enjoy y’all!



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