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Guest Blogger Christina Corso shares Grandma Corso’s St. Joseph Soup

Happy Monday y’all from this Hungry Southern Belle.  I am SO excited that I get to introduce an extra special Hungry Southern Belle guest blogger this morning!  Next to my friend Beth from Atlanta, Christina is my oldest best friend from back when I lived in Connecticut (and Lord knows I’ll get some scolding from […]

Beet Ginger Coconut Soup

Clearly we are on a soup kick at the Hungry Southern Belle house.  The weather is perfect for this comforting treats and the lighter fare suits our healthy eating goals as well.   I made this special little find last night and it is definitely a keeper!  It certainly made more than the suggested 4 servings…in […]

Summer Asparagus White Bean Soup

Good morning from a hot and humid Atlanta!  You might be asking why in the world this Hungry Southern Belle would be testing out a recipe for soup but I couldn’t resist!  Summer asparagus is plentiful and fresh at all of the markets.  This recipe is the perfect combination of fresh summer asparagus with hearty […]

Coconut Quinoa, Parsnip and White Bean Stew

Good morning and TGIF y’all on a brisk Atlanta morning.  We’ve had quite the weather this week.  Last night left us with cooler temps which made it a perfect night for a hearty stew with fresh and flavorful stew!  This dish offered a perfect blend of sweetness with the coconut milk, parsnips and carrots and […]

Creamy White Bean + Kale Soup

Whew!  Yet another whirl wind weekend has come and gone.  Aside from the rain on Saturday, it was a beautiful weekend in Atlanta!  This Hungry Southern Belle has another 5k under her belt having completed the Atlanta Track Clubs Women 5k.  What a fantastic event!  Weekends like this deserve an easy, healthy and satisfying dinner […]

Turkey Sausage, White Bean and Butternut Squash Soup

  Ahhh…. (Let me throw out a quick War Eagle after a very exciting football weekend!)  Back to the original sentiment… ahhhh.  I love fall.  The weathers starts changing and the temps start dropping.  Late last week, parts of the South were greeted with not only low temps but a few rainy days.  Cold and […]