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Guest Blogger Christina Corso shares Grandma Corso’s St. Joseph Soup

Happy Monday y’all from this Hungry Southern Belle.  I am SO excited that I get to introduce an extra special Hungry Southern Belle guest blogger this morning!  Next to my friend Beth from Atlanta, Christina is my oldest best friend from back when I lived in Connecticut (and Lord knows I’ll get some scolding from […]

Beet Ginger Coconut Soup

Clearly we are on a soup kick at the Hungry Southern Belle house.  The weather is perfect for this comforting treats and the lighter fare suits our healthy eating goals as well.   I made this special little find last night and it is definitely a keeper!  It certainly made more than the suggested 4 servings…in […]

Chilled Coconut Cucumber Soup

Viva Las Vegas!  Whew y’all…we just got home from a fun and taste bud party filled trip to Las Vegas.  The food was amazing and the people watching over the top.  I’ve got some great stories that I’ll be posting on our sister blog, My Steel Magnolia Life, including my awesome visit to the local […]

Summer Asparagus White Bean Soup

Good morning from a hot and humid Atlanta!  You might be asking why in the world this Hungry Southern Belle would be testing out a recipe for soup but I couldn’t resist!  Summer asparagus is plentiful and fresh at all of the markets.  This recipe is the perfect combination of fresh summer asparagus with hearty […]

Coconut Quinoa, Parsnip and White Bean Stew

Good morning and TGIF y’all on a brisk Atlanta morning.  We’ve had quite the weather this week.  Last night left us with cooler temps which made it a perfect night for a hearty stew with fresh and flavorful stew!  This dish offered a perfect blend of sweetness with the coconut milk, parsnips and carrots and […]

Creamy Turnip and White Bean Soup

Hello again from the Hungry Southern Belle team!  We are busy working on another fun project that we will be sharing with all of our loyal fans soon, so stay tuned!  In the meantime, we’ve had a busy week with work, the gym/studio and family time.  Sometimes it is so very tempting to grab something […]

Creamy White Bean + Kale Soup

Whew!  Yet another whirl wind weekend has come and gone.  Aside from the rain on Saturday, it was a beautiful weekend in Atlanta!  This Hungry Southern Belle has another 5k under her belt having completed the Atlanta Track Clubs Women 5k.  What a fantastic event!  Weekends like this deserve an easy, healthy and satisfying dinner […]

Turkey Sausage, White Bean and Butternut Squash Soup

  Ahhh…. (Let me throw out a quick War Eagle after a very exciting football weekend!)  Back to the original sentiment… ahhhh.  I love fall.  The weathers starts changing and the temps start dropping.  Late last week, parts of the South were greeted with not only low temps but a few rainy days.  Cold and […]

Chorizo, Rice and Bean Soup

  Sorry y’all!  This Southern Belle has been out of touch for the past week, but don’t fret!  I’ve been cooking up a storm and even have some restaurants I need to share with you.  First things first.  It’s been rainy in the South and that always makes me crave soup!  I made this for […]

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