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Deconstructed (Healthy) One Skillet Lasagna

  Oh my y’all…. has it really been that long since I last posted.  My deepest apologies to all of my loyal and hungry fans.  As much as I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been out there cooking up a storm (which I have been to a certain extent), college football season and life […]

Time for Tailgating!!! – Spicy Black Bean Salsa

Ahhhh… my most favorite time of year! College Football!!!! College football also means tailgating! What better way to enjoy a fabulous fall day then to watch live football and pregame party with your friends and family with yummy food and beverages!?!  What are some of your favorite tailgating foods? There are so many recipes out […]

Mise En Place (There’s a word for my type A kitchen behavior!!!)

Ahhh…a clean and organized kitchen is my heaven!  Not only do I love to cook – creating experiences for my friends and family through taste and presentation – I also relish the prep time.  The quiet time in the kitchen before guests arrive… before the smells and sounds of the kitchen commence… my alone time […]

Restaurant Review – Saltyard

Let me preface this entire post by first saying, with absolute full disclosure, that the owners of Saltyard (Kristy-Jones Favalli and Christian Favalli) are very dear friends of our family. You may know the Favalli name from the the longstanding Atlanta restaurant, La Grotta Ristorante Italiano. Christian and his wife Kristy, opened their own restaurant […]

Who doesn’t love a good farmers market??

As much as this southern belle LOVES her college football (WAR EAGLE y’all and Go Tigers), I LOVE summer for the all of the amazing local farmers markets!!! ‘Cause it sure isn’t because of the Atlanta humidity! We don’t call it Hot ‘lanta for nothing! Plus there’s that whole glistening thing (because southern ladies don’t […]

Welcome Y’all says that a Southern Belle is “a beautiful and charming woman from the southern US.” Some describe a belle as having social grace, charm, the ability to “glisten” rather than sweat and have a mint julep all while making a gorgeous dress from curtains. (That’s a Gone With the Wind reference by the way.) While I agree with all of those descriptions, maybe with the exception of the curtain dress, I think not only does a belle possess the qualities of having social grace and charm, she is also classy, genuine, loves sports, cares about her community and most importantly, THIS southern belle loves good food! (And the accompanying adult beverages of course!)

4 Best Fried Turkey Recipes

Ash’s Carolina vinegar based fried turkey. It’s pretty simple, just like the recipe below, but you brine the turkey with carolina bbq seasonings and dry rub it with cayenne pepper. Ingredients: 1 turkey & brine The Brine Ingredients: 6 cups (48 ounces) white vinegar 6 cups cider vinegar 6 tablespoon brown sugar 6 tablespoon cayenne […]